Glass | Method

Lowball   |   Built/Shaken


25ml Gin

25ml Campari/Aperol
25ml Vermouth Rosso

How to make a negroni

The negroni is a simple yet complex cocktail. Easy to make whilst offering bitter, sweet and dry flavours all at the same time.

The negroni can either be built or shaken, depending on preference. If building, pour all 3 ingredients over ice, garnish and serve. 

If shaking, pour all 3 ingredients into a shaker. Squeeze an orange wedge into the shaker and drop the wedge in as well. Top with ice and shake. Strain, pour over ice, garnish and serve.


A twist of orange peel, or for extra flair and flavour, you can lightly flame the orange peel. This will add an extra dimension to the flavour. By squeezing the fresh orange peel, you can cause it to release some of its fragrant orange oil. By holding a match in front of the oil spray you can create an impressive display whilst also adding to the flavour.