What can we offer?

Dry Hire

A long clean bar

Here we provide everything except the alcohol! We provide: the staff; the ice; the glassware; the seating; even the garnish!

Wet Hire

A selection of spirits on a copper back bar.

Now you are hiring the complete package. All you need to provide, is the guests.

Ideal for events with larger groups, for example, weddings and special birthdays!

Hiring costs starting from FREE!

Public Event Hire

A large crowd

We can cater up to very large groups, whether it be a music concert, festival or maybe a county fayre, we are well equipped to perfectly complement the event!

Cocktail Masterclass

A selection of cocktails

Here you will get to experience and partake in the process of cocktail making - yes, you will also get to enjoy your creations! Learn a few of the tricks, from our cocktail making experts, to make your drinks something special!

Works well not only for a hen party or stag party, but also for events where you are wanting your guests to participate in the activities. 

Bespoke Menu Creation

Black menu cover

This is less of a single package, but more of a notice to let you know that regardless of what you choose, the menu can be completely bespoke!

If you would like to choose one of our set menus, then you are perfectly welcome to do so, however, if you would like to work hand in hand with us to create the perfect menu for your day then nothing would make us happier, than to oblige!

Wine/Spirit Tasting

Two whiskey tumblers

Often a slightly more relaxed atmosphere, this option allows you to work your way through the more delicate undertones of some of our finest wines and spirits.

This can be across a mixture of spirits, depending on your tastes, or we can focus on particular spirits. Maybe you're a whiskey (or whisky) fan, maybe rum is your thing, or maybe you're more of a gin person - whatever your tastes, we have something to suit!

We have an exquisite range of carefully selected wines to satisfy, even the most fussy of palates!

Payment types - How to pay!

Cash & Card Bar

Close-up of credit cards

This option is often used at public events. We are able to accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as cash and also contactless payments too - modern, I know!

With this option, guests/customers are able to choose and pay for their drinks as you would at any fixed establishment. For the organiser, this can often be the most cost effective method, and can even be free!

Pre-paid Bar

An empty wallet

Perfect for events such as a special birthday party, corporate event, perhaps a brand launch where you want to impress your potential future customers! No need for any guests to pay anything - definitely a crowd pleaser! 

In order to ensure that your event runs smoothly and there are no surprises, the details can be agreed beforehand - including the perfect menu, designed for you and your day! 

If you're footing the drinks bill for the day, this can often be the more cost effective option due to volume discounts.

Token Bar

Rolling dice and poker chips

This is a cross between a cash bar and a pre-paid bar. It is entirely down to you as the organiser as to how you wish to divide the tokens out.

Great for events where guests need to earn tokens, or perhaps you want to share the pre-payment out evenly and allow guests to pay with cash after they have used their allocation. Depending on the theme of the event, the tokens can be customised to complement the theme of the day.

Part paid Bar

A smiling lady in a small crowd

Ideal for weddings, parties, and events where the drinks are paid for up until a certain point. This point can be time based, or a limit can be set. After this point, guests can continue to buy drinks, using cash, card, or even tokens.

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