Espresso Martini

Glass | Method

Martini  |  Shaken


25ml Vodka

25ml Coffee Liqueur

50ml Fresh Espresso

Pinch of Salt

How to make an espresso martini

An espresso martini is a contempory take on a classic cocktail. Pour all ingredients into a shaker with the fresh, hot coffee added last (to minimise the chance to melt the ice). If you prefer a sweeter drink, you can add a splash of gomme as well. The pinch of salt helps to balance the strong flavours. Add plenty of ice, and shake, hard! In order to achieve the thick creamy top, you'll need to be rather vigorous with your shaking to get the ice smashing slightly. 

Pour the contents of the shaker through a fine strainer into a chilled martini glass.


Three carefully placed coffee beans floated on top of the creamy finish.